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Turn Your Software Ideas Into Reality

12 Lessons
03h 24m

The art of creating software from scratch is a superpower. But it is often considered complicated by many due to lack of exposure. This course aims to democratize this skill and empower you to turn your software idea into reality. Let's experience how an actual Software As A Service (SAAS) product, Kalvify, that powers this website, unfolds from concept to fact.

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12 Lessons · 03h 24m

01. Introduction

09m 15s

A thousand-mile journey starts with a single step. This lesson kick-starts our journey and sets the expectation on what lies ahead.

02. Product-Life Fit

13m 19s

The critical asset to turn your idea into reality is you. It's the clarity in why you are doing what you are doing that determines how well the journey will be.

03. The Curious Case Of Idea Validation

16m 30s

You got an idea, and it's aligning perfectly with what you wanted to do with your life. The next step is figuring out whether it will succeed and be profitable.

04. Understanding Problem Domain Part-I

12m 38s

Understanding the problem is the first step towards solving it. In this lesson, we'll learn why it is critical and how it will help you develop software effectively.

05. Understanding Problem Domain Part-II

18m 18s

In this lesson, you will learn how to understand a problem by asking two simple questions. From the answers to these questions, you will derive the system users along with their goals & characteristics. It also covers a critical skill, 'Empathy.'

06. Iterative Product Development

14m 04s

One of the proven ways to develop successful software is following an iterative approach. In this lesson, we will learn about a critical differentiator in the software industry and how to take advantage of it by asking the right questions.

07. Creating a Product Roadmap

17m 17s

In this lesson, you will learn why we need to create a product map to help you in product development. Then I will share with you how I am creating a product map for Kalvify.

08. Choosing a Tech Stack

20m 09s

In this lesson, we will learn how to approach choosing a tech stack for your problem statement. We'll start with the ideal scenario and analyze what happens to it in reality. Then I'll share how I evaluate a tech stack and provide recommendations on how to get better at it by investing in our knowledge portfolio.

09. Kalvify's Tech Stack

21m 47s

It's time to put what we learned in the previous lesson into action. In this lesson, I will share Kalvify's tech stack and the reasons behind why I am choosing it.

10. Creating a Marketing Website Part-1

21m 55s

In this first part, I will share how to approach the marketing website for a product. I will start with the demo of Kalvify's website and share why I did what I did. Then, you will learn about marketing, the pirate metrics framework, copywriting, UI design, and more!

11. Creating a Marketing Website Part-2

26m 12s

This lesson documents how I used eleventy.js and Tailwind CSS to build the marketing website of Kalvify. You will learn how to think in layouts, date formatting tricks, create websites with multiple themes using design tokens, and much more.

12. High Level System Design

13m 21s

Software development is not just typing in a coding editor. A lot is happening in the minds of a developer before writing a single line of code. In this lesson, we'll see what it is and how it applies to high-level system design. Then I will share how I approached Kalvify's system design.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to validate an idea and measure its product-life and product-market fit.
  • How to think like a maker and why understanding the problem domain is essential.
  • How to think lean and deliver what matters.
  • How to choose a tech stack
  • How to approach software design and software development.


  • Open Mind
  • Curiosity
  • Basics of Programming
  • Basics of Web Development

What People Are Saying
About This Course

I have been following this course from the beginning and i would say its too good and immensely helpful to understand how to develop a SAAS product from scratch, there are not many courses available online of this type, Kudos and Keep going Thamizh :)

Karthik Ruthiravelu's image
Karthik Ruthiravelu

Solution Consultant, Sahaj

I gathered a lot of insights from this course on how to think about the problem, how to validate the idea, and even how to have fun while working on the idea! His points regarding idea validation were spot on and gave me a unique perspective. Really looking forward to seeing more lessons from the course!

Yuvaraj Jayavel's image
Yuvaraj Jayavel

Software Engineer Intern, Ajira Tech

I just now finished this Course. Phenomenal work! Top-notch quality and I really love that philosophical approach towards building products, nowadays nobody seems to talk about it.

Vigneshwaran Rajasekar's image
Vigneshwaran Rajasekar

Product Developer, Survey Sparrow

I am learning a lot from this series. Looking forward to it and learn more from it

Sudharsan GS's image
Sudharsan GS

Frontend Developer, Winuall

I learned a lot from this course by Tamizh. He explains every single step from Idea validation to monetizing software as a service. He parallelly develops a SAAS product(kalvify) and gives a lots of insights from the product so we can understand it better.

Vishal N's image
Vishal N

Engineering Student